New Site Who Dis

I thought I would start again. If something doesn't make you wanna use it then surely it needs to be different? Or maybe I should of stuck it out and made a new routine with it. Established some sort of habit for myself to maintain it. My last website fell stagnant, like a puddle of water that slowly began to evaporate until all that was left was a outline of what my original intentions for it were. So this is something different. I'm starting from something so simple, a place where I post text to a page that others can read.

Perhaps its good to consider what my goals are. I aim to add to this site over a period of time. Not in terms of content or functionality, more in terms of time and energy. Of course what results of this time and energy will probably be content and functionality, but that is not my goal. I also don't necessarily want to give myself rules, I've found that I don't do well with rules. I usually find myself getting annoyed at these things that I set myself.

The image above is my desk, just like the image that featured on my last guide was the desk in my old house. A lot has changed since then. I've graduated from NLN, co-founded a collective, taken part in exhibitions and gotten a little further with figuring out what I'm doing. A lot is still the same. I still don't really know what I'm doing. The country has been in a lockdown for what seems like years and at the same time days. Time is weird right now.

But I'm going to continue with this...I think...

We'll see.

a computer and laptop on wooden desk